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Big Man Ting: Valuing and Empowering our Women and Girls©

"Big Man Ting" is a Student education and primary prevention program targeted toward adolescent boys in first and second form focused on reducing violence against women and girls in Jamaica. 


  • To help young men understand their role in reducing sexual and physical violence against women and girls. This is achieved through exploring how masculinity and male privilege is constructed and how ideas of masculinity may impact treatment of women and girls, and how to become allies in stopping sexual and physical violence.

Where is it held? Who facilitates?:

  • The program consists of 5 sessions and is held at secondary schools who elect to host the program for it's students. It is facilitated by trained volunteers of JAFABJ. 

What is Primary Prevention?:

  • Primary prevention seeks to prevent the onset of specific diseases or adverse event via risk reduction: by altering behaviors or exposures that can lead to disease or adverse event, or by enhancing resistance to the effects of exposure to a disease agent or possible adverse event. 

  • By teaching boys and men to value women and empower women, we seek to prevent violence against women and girl. 

Photo © Lexon Productions

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