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The Moving Mountains Financial Scholarship Award

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At JAFABJ we believe that with enough determination anything is possible. We believe that education and the opportunity to expand our mental capacities is a human right. We believe that every child should have access to education and that no child should be barred from reaching their full potential. Our goal is to help children forge paths to their future through combating financial barriers to education and encouraging them to believe that there are no limits on our dreams. The Moving Mountains Scholarship will be presented each year to students for whom the financial burden of school fees creates a barrier to pursuing education.

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” -Malcolm X

Description:The Moving Mountains Financial Scholarship Award will be awarded on an ongoing basis based on funds availability. While education in Jamaica is "free" most school require a maintenance fee, uniforms, and books. This financial Scholarship will cover maintenance fee, books, and uniform costs.  Each scholarship will be paid directly to the school to cover school fees and associated costs.

Selection Process & Criteria: School officials must complete scholarship application on behalf of student in need for whom the cost of education poses a financial burden to their family and serves as a potential barrier to enrollment.  Four scholarships will be awarded annually with the possibility of additional scholarships each year based on funding. 


Please email us at for application inquiry and instructions.

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