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Current Projects

Interested in getting involved? Learn about our ongoing projects by clicking below. 
Or click the donate button to the right to give! All donations are tax deductible.
The Moving Mountains Financial Scholarship


Awarded annually. While education in Jamaica is "free" most school require a maintenance fee, uniforms, and books. This financial Scholarship will cover maintenance fee, books, and uniform costs... Read more


Protect JA Children

Social advocacy supporting the rights of children in Jamaica. 


Big Man Ting: Valuing and Empowering our Women and Girls


Student education and primary prevention program targeted towards adolescent boys in first and second form focused on reducing violence against women and girls in Jamaica...Read more



Shortwood Practising Infant and Primary School Technology Fundraiser

We have partnered with Redemption Church for a back to school fundraiser to provide school supplies to youth in need. 

Thanks to Yutes4Change founder, Ricardo Burke, the breakfast program provides free breakfast on school mornings for 27 students, and lunch money for 12 students in need. Making a big difference in a small way! Learn more

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